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ME200REM LED Monocular Compound Microscope, Cordless or 110V, 40X-1000X Magnification, Mechanical Stage, 3 Objectives, LED Illumination, Coarse and Fine Focus, Rechargable Battery

SKU: VME0020-RC-E3-MS2

Quick Review:

  • 45° inclined Monocular head rotates 360° allowing for reverse position viewing and trouble –free observation for two people
  • LED illumination guarantees a clear and crisp, cool-to-touch white light that lasts up to 60x longer than traditional tungsten bulbs
  • Eyepiece with built-in pointer ensures that definite points on the slide can be easily designated and quickly identified
  • Equipped with tension adjustment to eliminate stage drift. For added safety the rack-stop prevents damage to slides and objective lenses while the slip-clutch focusing system protects gears from damage
  • Perfect for any educational application or classroom, elementary to high school, or for basic biological/laboratory use


Product Description

This compound microscope is ideal for High School instruction.  Cool-to-touch, long-lasting LED Illumination is equipped with intensity control.  Ball-bearing objective turret is mounted, allowing for smooth alignment while positive click stops ensure precise magnification.

 DIN achromatic objectives are parfocal and parcentered to provide sharp, color-corrected images.  Coarse and fine focus knobs are positioned low on bracket near base, making certain that adjustments are made with maximum stability and minimum strain.

Rugged cast aluminum with gray enamel finish. Packed in a fitted styrofoam box; includes a dust cover and an instruction manual.  5-year limited warranty excluding bulbs.


Packing List:

  • One monocular microscope with plain stage and built-in LED illumination
  • One 10X wide-field eyepiece with pointer
  • One 25X wide-field eyepiece
  • 4X DIN achromatic objective
  • 10X DIN achromatic objective
  • 40XR DIN achromatic objective
  • built-in mechanical stage
  • Power adaptor
  • three rechargeable batteries     
  • One dust cover
  • User Manual
  • One wrench

Shipping information:

  • 12''x7''x18''
  • 7 lbs
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